Advanced Modules

This page displays a selection of our optional Advanced Modules, which focus on specific genres. These are available to be purchased after you have successfully completed the first two assignments. Each Advanced Module contains one module and one assignment. A certificate of achievement can be downloaded once the assignment is successfully completed.

Sports Nutrition


Immerse yourself in the dynamic field of sports nutrition and hone your knowledge of the essential role that nutrition plays with our Sports Nutrition Advanced Module!

Author Jessica Spendlove, the renowned Advanced Sports Dietitian, has created a series of videos and written materials that will teach you all about macro- and micronutrients, hydration, recovery nutrition, supplements, and more. The module will also cover more in-depth areas such as special requirements for various athlete population groups, sport-specific requirements, and anthropometry (body composition).

If you have an interest in the unique requirements of athletes, active individuals, and your own body's nutritional needs when it comes to exercise and competitive sports, we encourage you to dive into the world of Sports Nutrition.